Nixxxe Bikini Shooting at Mallorca

Before a big amount of German tourists attack over Mallorca in midsummer, it is a perfect place for an erotic photoshoot. Even El Arenal is still filled up with older people riding bikes and enjoing the mild weather of april for their vacations. Some german families are also here yet. Mostly common in the traditinal german-look, they are walking around the sunny sides of the island. The motivated co-workers of the hotel let us feel really comfortable and the cooking is real good at the beginning of the season.

We started on April 30th with our plane from Dresden to Mallorca heading toward Cala Santanyi at the southeast top of the island. The Nixxxe-Foto-Team consisted of the daughter of the photographer, who was taking the backstage-images and took care of the girls, our two models (Suzi-Anne and Maya from Magdeburg), assistant Thomas, who was filming, ... and of course the photographer Mathias Angelov. In Palma, publisher Matthias Reuss ( joined the crew with the French chief editor Adam de Lichana, who will report about the bikini book which will be available soon.

Summers, sun, brown skin and only the smalles bikinis - so let's start! Our first day started in Palma. The weather was cloudy as announced but nevertheless the sun made it through. For the beginning, we took some vacation photos in the inner city. After the this we started the first series of Maya (18) with a rather short bikini next to the historical cathedral, the city wall and the harbor in the background. Our bikinis became more and more shorter. This is our credo. The second day the weather became real bad. Dense clouds, rain and powerful wind until the afternoon. So we decided to use the last few hours of the day to take some series in Colonia St.Jordi where you can find a lot of romantic fisher cottages. The first pictures became quite dark because of the bad light situation, but as the sun burst through, we got a lot of beautiful erotically pictures. The weater was okay at the third and fourth day ... but however not perfect. The clouds left their tracks on the pictures as you can see. However this is part of the risk if you going to a photo-trip. Sun still is and remains the most important prop for bikini photos.

However, bikinis are dreams, longing and wishes at the same time. Mathias Angelov, our photograph and designer from Leipzig, is an imaginative material saver working with wafer-thin materials, composing shining colors and uncommon slice to bikini variations, that still will cause trouble at any nudist-beach. While was such a success in the binary world of the internet, he decided to release his own first book: In "Sexy Bikinigirls 1" the models are the central viewpoint. On every single page you'll find the natural beauties from east-germany that are genuinely just as seductively as the bikinis from the Leipzig itselves. Therefor Mathias Angelov is the only single Saxon artist, that discovered this niche for himself and provides furors within whole Germany until now.
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Book: Reuss Verlag
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