New parts in our shop
At May 01.2007, four new parts will become available in our Shop. The swimsuit 'Chantal' (shown in red), the swimsuit 'Trixi' (shown in white), the Slingbody 'Lia' (shown in blue) and the bikini 'Micro IV' (invisible - micro bikini). The swimsuit 'Chantal', created in a brasilian style, covers even more than the remaining bikini-models and it's very suitable to use for staying on the beach. 'Trixi' is a fresh and modern string-design with a very open panty-part. Our slingbody 'Lia' was made for hot erotically fotoshoots and home-use only, it'snot suitable for beach-use. The bikini of 'Micro IV' is equal to our ultra-micro-bikini but without any material-use. It's a very sexy and funny outfit, great for any show-loving girl.
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Have fun,
Yours Zenia.
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