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Sophie at the kitchen
We take photos even if sometimes the weather is bad at the lake. Sophie and I simply transferred our studio into the kitchen. Also here, it can be funny...

updated on 2005-07-26
(33 pics)

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Sina at the evening in our X-Zip-Bikini
Sina in the evening at the lake. She wears a wine red X – Zip – Bikini with black edging.

updated on 2005-07-02
(45 pics)

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At the new mess
Lara poses in Leipzig in front of the impressive archticture of the new fair. She wears a Wild – Suspender – Thong in canary yellow with black border. Very skimpy, very sexy.

updated on 2005-06-27
(73 pics)

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Alicia in our yellow Ultramicro
This style is a little larger, but is still cut very sexy. Golden yellow, detailed with black edging. Alicia has seemed even more erotic. It fits like a second skin and feels very exciting...

updated on 2005-06-17
(73 pics)

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At the harbour in our Mini-Bikini
Alicia in an Ultra – Mini – Bikini in pink, with white edging. An old sailing boat in the background, which was also seen in various series in the TV. Very romantic.

updated on 2005-06-12
(70 pics)

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Sina in our Hottop-Bikini in red
At the Hazienda Sina shows us a wine red Hottop – Bikini with black border.

updated on 2005-05-23
(72 pics)

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