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Mallorca. White walls.
Zenia at a small Finca on Mallorca. A beautiful blue sky, Zenia, super-small bikini. And this in April. If we were still in Leipzig, a pullover must be worn. How unjust!

updated on 2005-08-10
(47 pics)

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Jada in a Suspender at the lake
A small rock on the bank of the bath lake invites us to make photos. Jada takes a seat and shows the other spa visitors how good such a crazy Nixxxe suit can look.

updated on 2005-08-05
(60 pics)

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Suspender-Fun with Sandy
A deep blue Suspender is an ideal toy. Not,of course, for anyone with weak nerves. But Sandy likes to laugh at everybody who is bothered by the suit. And who couldn’t like such a girl?

updated on 2005-07-31
(61 pics)

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Sophie at the kitchen
We take photos even if sometimes the weather is bad at the lake. Sophie and I simply transferred our studio into the kitchen. Also here, it can be funny...

updated on 2005-07-26
(33 pics)

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Sina at the evening in our X-Zip-Bikini
Sina in the evening at the lake. She wears a wine red X – Zip – Bikini with black edging.

updated on 2005-07-02
(45 pics)

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At the new mess
Lara poses in Leipzig in front of the impressive archticture of the new fair. She wears a Wild – Suspender – Thong in canary yellow with black border. Very skimpy, very sexy.

updated on 2005-06-27
(73 pics)

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