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Nikki in White
Studio set with model Nikki in a transparent, white Hotpants set. Nikki poses with very erotic movements. My assistant sprays the girl with water. Wow. Now i can imagine how the Hotpants looks in the water. Hopefully, the summer comes soon.

updated on 2006-07-09
(92 pics)

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Betty at the beton-wall
In this series, Betty shows us how good she looks in the Ultra – Micro – Bikini. The sun shines through the iron bars onto our model. The concrete walls are already hot. Betty is even hotter than a volcano – thanks to our bikini.

updated on 2006-07-04
(115 pics)

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Cold walls
Karla and our team are still at the ruins in Königshütte. The castle embankment has survived for centuries and offers the perfect scenery for our model in an Ultra – Micro – Bikini.

updated on 2006-06-29
(125 pics)

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White Angel
Our model Angel in an white, transparent Swimsuite – Classic. An innocent color but an outrageously sexy cut. These contrasts are exciting for us. Who can wear something like that? For models only? No – for any woman who believes herself to be beautiful.

updated on 2006-06-24
(96 pics)

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Torpeado-Fun at the studio
Nikki in our pink Torpeado – Bikini. A sexy item for nasty girls. If you wear it to the beach, every inflatable boat will burst and tip over. But...more courage is needen to wear it outside in the studio.

updated on 2006-06-19
(94 pics)

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... all in white
Natalie in a white transparent Swimsuite – classic. Her infinitely long legs, youthful freshness... and wonderful pretty face are as made for our Nixxxe – collection.

updated on 2006-06-14
(181 pics)

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