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Great Views!
Zenia stands near the window and is watching the garden outside. She wears an Hotpantsset-Classic. What is she thinking? About the summer gone? It doesn't matter. We can also take good fotos inside our great apartment. With and without a bikini...

updated on 2007-04-01
(51 pics)

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Chooper & Cherry
We like custom-style. Cherry wears a Nixxxe-Teardrop-String with metal-rings - a prototyp. These pics are really hot: the custom-chopper, a naked girl, great sunshine. What a great nixxxe-afternoon.

updated on 2007-03-29
(147 pics)

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Sailor Hotpants
Lizzys real name is Liza. She is also a first-timer and chooses a black Sailor Hotpants for the first pictures with us. It fits very tight. We are near a ruin in the woods. Lizzy is real nervous und shy. But this could be really hot and natural.

updated on 2007-03-26
(137 pics)

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Oiled up and naked
A black Double-Ring-String and a transparent net-top... and a lot of baby-oil. Moni enjoys her first erotic-shooting. She has no problem showing her body completely naked... Also we don't want to get the clothes oily.

updated on 2007-03-23
(126 pics)

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Tattoo and Piercing
Bunny has two hot nipple-piercings and a big tattoo. She likes to stand out. Our Bandeau-Bikini is great because you can see her piercings when it gets wet. They vanish again when it dries. Of course we take pictures of this. Why should there be body-art if you don't like to show it?

updated on 2007-03-20
(68 pics)

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Nip Alert!
This is Suzi-Anne, a very pretty amateur from Magdeburg. She really likes our bikinis, these are not some regular, boring swimsuits. You can even show your nipples ... she thinks this is really funny. We do also. Let's see if she's also doing this on the beach...

updated on 2007-03-17
(55 pics)

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