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Bevor the storm
Sonya at the Cospudener See. There's big rain coming over us. The wind starts to blow harder. But we quickly take some pictures of the beautiful Hotpants-Set. Nevertheless we have to stop ... damn.

updated on 2007-06-06
(20 pics)

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Suzi and the yellow Sailor Hotpants
Suzi-Anne prefers to take pics when she's naked. But today she is making an exception. But the clothes don't stay on very long. The sun is shining ... and she wants to get tanned all over.

updated on 2007-06-03
(58 pics)

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Blue Angel
Liza wears a transparent blue Hotpants-Set right out of our shop. It looks great and fits perfectly. The sun slowly moves down behind the woods and we have to take our pics in the shadows. No problem ... Lizzy looks great even in the shadows.

updated on 2007-05-31
(79 pics)

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Red and Black
Conny is wearing a very transparent, black item. We gave her also a black stockings for contrast. A nixxxe-swimsuit with dessous? Why not. It don't have to be too costly every time. This could be erotic too.

updated on 2007-05-28
(107 pics)

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Sindy and the Leo-Mini-Bikini
This is amateur Sindy in a Leo-Mini-Bikini. We took this pictures at a quarry. Rocks and stones are very fascinating. We can't work at the swimming-lakes without being disturbed. So we search for new quiet places. Maybe you have some ideas?

updated on 2007-05-25
(142 pics)

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At the salon
This is Moni showing a classic, flora Hotpants-Set. The material is italian and no longer available. The stretch material looks really hot on her body...

updated on 2007-05-22
(89 pics)

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