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Near the abandoned factory
An old chemistry factory at the Elbe. The right locations for a new picture-series with Suzi-Anne. She wears a yellow Torpeado-Bikini ... and later on she gets rid of it! : -)

updated on 2007-09-10
(121 pics)

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Conny - Lake near the gravel plant
Wonderful eveninglight. Conny's beside a pump installation near the lake at a grit work in Pirna. She wears a white shirt and one Double-Ring-String in red. Red and sexy like her hair...

updated on 2007-09-07
(136 pics)

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The train-station of Gaschwitz
Model Sandy in a red Sling - combination. The location: an old railway station out of Leipzig. From time to time a train comes through, but nearly no train stops here. Best for our sexy photos...

updated on 2007-09-04
(103 pics)

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Suzi and the Leo-Mini-Bikini
Suzi at a photoshoot in our studio. She wears a sexy Leo-mini bikini in size s/m.

updated on 2007-09-01
(59 pics)

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Lizzy enjoys the evening sun
Our Leo-swimsuit with the transparent panty-part. Very erotic. Lizzy poses in the last beautiful dusk for our photos before the sun vanishes behind the trees.

updated on 2007-08-29
(86 pics)

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Suzi at the quarry pond
Suzi at a quarry pond near Magdeburg. She wears a pink X-Zipp-Bikini. It's very sexy... and likes to slip. Uh... how exciting!

updated on 2007-08-26
(69 pics)

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