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Bandida at the Q7
Another series of Esmeralda at the Q7. The rain is gone, the car is dry. Just some puddles around. Our model is wearing a Bandida-bikini ... and watch out - the sun comes back!

updated on 2008-12-24
(104 pics)

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Near the tank truck
Franzi and Sindy together at an old tank-truck near the quarry at Pirna. The girls start to undress each other and as you see: Its fun! This was our plan ... its enough, is not it?

updated on 2008-12-20
(87 pics)

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Mallorca: Maya above the ocean
Maya at a tree near some rocks at the ocean. Hard wind and burning sun at the start of a day. Maya likes it. She is wearing a golden suspender ... a bit too tight. HOT HOT HOT!

updated on 2008-12-16
(44 pics)

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Studioshooting with suspender thong
Maxine at our studio at Leipzig. Bad weather forced us to go inside. But no problem, Maxine is having fun. What a great, funny model with an incredible body.

updated on 2008-12-12
(98 pics)

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Natalie with our ouvert-bikini
As naughty as it looks! Natalie is having fun in front of our camera and is not afraid to show everything. This shooting is pure fun. And as a member you could see her completely naked.

updated on 2008-12-08
(98 pics)

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Green-yellow racing girl
Sandra in front of a dirt-bike. She got one of the drivers shirt. Just our hotpants do not fit the scene - yellow and tight. - Hot curves not just on the track but on our model. So lets open the throttle.

updated on 2008-12-04
(113 pics)

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