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Sun at the evening
The last pictures of this great afternoon. Franzi and Sindy rip their bikinis apart to show everything again. What a fun and joy. Watch out.

updated on 2009-07-14
(133 pics)

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Wave and Gothic convention - Leipzig 2009
The 18th Wave and Gothic convention was located in Leipzig from march 29th to june 1st. Over 100 concerts, readings, club-parties and other scene-events. With our common friend ndreas Wänke (art2body) and two hot models, we invaded this scenery. Chantal with our Isis-Bodyshirt and Fanny wearing a transparent skirt.

updated on 2009-07-09
(116 pics)

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Cameltoe Carie
Even if this Chadira-Bikini is too small for such a tall model, it looks great as a cameltoe. This is the most you can get. But as always, watch out, have fun.

updated on 2009-06-30
(101 pics)

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Maya with suspender
Its Mayas time. You even know the photos, so this time, here is the video. As hot and funny as our photo-series ... this will be entertaining. Watch out!

updated on 2009-06-24
(1 pics)

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Climbing for models
Susi-Ann at Mallorca. Here at the rough coast there are many rocks to climb on. What a sexy show. Susi offers her best sides - even naked. But this is just because of the heat!

updated on 2009-06-20
(103 pics)

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Hot and yellow!
Esmeralda with our yellow Sling-Bikine "Corazone". Nothing to hide. What a great body and what humour. Nothing for weak nerves!

updated on 2009-06-15
(91 pics)

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