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Susi and Maya at Mallorca
Maya with our Lia-Slingbody. What a naughty part - without a lot fabric. Of course you can see everthing and Maya is helping, giving you the perfect view. ;)

updated on 2009-11-04
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Susi and Maya at Mallorca
Time for Susi. Like her sister she is posing right on the balcony of our hotelroom wearing some Sailor-Hotpants in yellow. Exciting and jazzy - like Susi herself. Have fun!

updated on 2009-10-30
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Blue Lucie
And another new girl: Lucie from Magdeburg. She is 20 years old and very sporty. What a lot of muscles ... everywhere. Thats perfect for our new Setty-bikini in blue. So we are located at an old ruin at the water-castle at Warnsdorf.

updated on 2009-10-24
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Susi and Maya at Mallorca
Susi with a transparent classic swimsuit at the ocean. So lets start the action: water on. Because you could see right anything if this swimsuit gets wet. So have fun with our water-games.

updated on 2009-10-19
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Jamila at the jungle
Another new girl: Jamila. 22 years old and from Berlin. She likes our bikinis and wanted to try out working as a model. This are the first pictures ever.

updated on 2009-10-15
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Esmeralda with open hotpants
Apple-green. This is the color of the hotpants Esmeralda is wearing at this photosession. They do not cover anything whats perfect for some hot pictures. Dresses her well!

updated on 2009-10-10
(49 pics)

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