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Suspender Fun
You really could have some fun with a small Suspender-string and our girl Fanny. She loves playing with it and is not afraid to let it slide here and there. So have fun to watch Fanny with her Suspender Fun!

updated on 2010-05-03
(93 pics)

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At the elb-riverside
We are at the elb near Dresden with Esmeralda. In the background you could see the blue wonder, the best known bridge of this big town. Its a great location and we will have fun taking some nude pictures here. Esmeralda loves to be nude in public. So lets see how she will shock the people of Dresden?!?

updated on 2010-04-29
(93 pics)

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Bodypainting - Backstage
We are at our friend Andy. Germanys best bodypainter we think and so we start to take some bikini and bodypaint pictures with Rike. She tries some of our suits and they fit like a second skin. So we start to paint her motive. What a great girl. Afterwards we drove to the quarry near Kleinpösna but this is another set that will come soon. ;-)

updated on 2010-04-24
(52 pics)

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Red and blue
What a great afternoon! Janet is wearing a red Venus-swimsuit in front of the old romantic castle in Ringelheim. Its a warm day and as we work in the sun, Janet starts to undress herself. So take a look!

updated on 2010-04-20
(104 pics)

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At the red gate
Lucie is wearing a new sling suspender called Corazone. This hot part shows really everything. Some good looking orange high-boots for the perfect look. Now lets start with the real action! :-)))

updated on 2010-04-16
(102 pics)

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Metallic Bikini Girl
To take this hot pictures we had to fight our way through high grass and reed. Like a jungle! We are within the wilderness at the north waterside of the Junkers-lake near Aschersleben. Jamila likes this location, so lets have some fun!

updated on 2010-04-11
(100 pics)

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