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Sun and oil!
M-joy with our airy Ouvert-hotpants. She likes them and wants to show it in front of the camera. No problem! This shows the attitude of our models: HOT!

updated on 2010-04-07
(97 pics)

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Maya and Susi: Mallorca
We are on some rocks high above the ocean. Maya is wearing some white Trixi-bikini and starts to undress herself. Her sister SusiAnn is also with us wearing some naughty hotpants and she shows us her great ass!

updated on 2010-04-02
(1 pics)

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Ahoi Miss Captain
Rike with our blue Olivia-bikini. We are at a small shipyard on a broken police-ship and start to take some hot pictures ... without panties!

updated on 2010-03-30
(108 pics)

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Not very shy!
First time in front of our camera, but this girl is a really, crazy chick. Not shy, but ultra naughty she starts showing us what she likes. So let us start with the ass ... great entrance.

updated on 2010-03-25
(103 pics)

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Only with glasses
Jana at the last september-weekend. We are enjoying the great weather and the sun and she could show us how to wear our bikinis. And some nakedness of course.

updated on 2010-03-21
(87 pics)

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Hot shadow
Fanny is wearing the Venus-swimsuit and it is much too tight. After some movements it slipped right into her little snatch. She gets really hot about this fact and we have fun! What a great part!

updated on 2010-03-16
(86 pics)

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