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Shiny skin in lace panties - Part 3
Actually everything as always. Sandy seductively in front of the camera. This time in the lace panties and lightly oiled. The few light shines on her great curves. Here, every single image really seduces the viewer. And Sandy loves the looks and the clicks of the camera.

updated on 2017-08-05
(68 pics)

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Naked walk in the park of Leipzig - Part 1
Summer sun, lush green and a cheerful Tamara. Our day in the park could hardly be better. We start almost without everything and let Tamaras great curves shine in the sun. She enjoys the attention and warmth on her skin. Before it starts to get too hot, we arre looking for a shady spot. Long summer days are dreamfull.

updated on 2017-07-22
(53 pics)

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Harbour-Dreams in the evening
The last rays of the sun shimmer on this cloudless evening over the marina near Leipzig. We have been on the road with Alexa all day and want to capture the dreamy mood of the scenery. In the simple bikini, Alexa poses serene and relaxed in front of the camera and enjoys the silence of the lake. Meanwhile we enjoy the great view of a dream body in the sunset.

updated on 2017-07-15
(105 pics)

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Casting-Day - Part 1
It is always hard to start. Maxine has been with us for quite a while, but she also started shy and unsecure in front of the camera. Even then her charisma was stunning and her body was a dream. Today, everyone can take an own picture of her first steps, because here is one of the first casting sets.

updated on 2017-07-08
(118 pics)

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Golden Girl - Part 1
To rock the old ruins and walls: we are on tour with our quality Nixxxe model Chrissy to explore the hideout-plces in the Harz. Old ruins and dense forest everywhere you are looking at! In a golden outfit, Chrissy sets herself up perfectly! Her eyes shine as the camera clicks!

updated on 2017-06-24
(97 pics)

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She forgot the bikini under her camouflage - Part 1
A trip into the green with Vivi. We are in the Pre-Harz today packed up in camouflage exploring the woods. Vivi is very playful in front of the camera and enjoys the attention. But what is it? No bikini? - She forgot to bring it under her dress. Sure, this could happen. But then at least away with that camouflage shred and show us some bare skin.

updated on 2017-06-17
(70 pics)

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