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The blue wonder of Dresden
That will not happen often. Next to the blue wonder, a sightseeing object of Dresden, we took some hot pictures with Esmeralda. The crowd stopped to watch our work. Saxonia, right? They just wanted to have some fun and Esmeralda loved it herself. Hey, she comes from Dresden!

updated on 2010-10-04
(87 pics)

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At the cornfields
Jamila loves to be in the sun. Today we are at a cornfield and she is wearing a dark blue Vega-Bikini with a white string. Hot moments and some really beautiful pictures of a stunning girl.

updated on 2010-09-29
(82 pics)

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Toys for girls
Lucie loves to play with the strings of our bikinis. That is a nice view, or? Nothing else is covering her hot body. A great game ... with a naked end. Not bad!

updated on 2010-09-24
(96 pics)

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Next to the way
... a small girl is standing. Babette wearing a orange Bonita-Bikini. A real small, naughty part of our collection. She loves to work in front of the camera. And she likes to show a lot more than just the bikini. We like it! ;)

updated on 2010-09-19
(111 pics)

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Mallorca: Maya with the Noupy
Video of our shooting at Mallorca. Maya is wearing a really small string ... could you see it? This sweet girl is like a dessert and these pictures are the appetizer. ;)

updated on 2010-09-14
(1 pics)

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Like a sportlesson
Chantal is really acrobatic und well trained. She shows us some practices while wearing hotpants. And ... we are impressed to see her. And you could really see nice stuff here ... ;)

updated on 2010-09-09
(65 pics)

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