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Do not hide anything
Babette is wearing a hilarious part containing just of rings and strings. Hot like a vulcano. Her skin is shimmering in the sun and her body looks like a dangerous toy. Lets undress this girl. What do you think?

updated on 2011-06-10
(103 pics)

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The tree
Our next photo-series with Vanessa: A tree next to the riverside and she is wearing a way to small Venus swimsuit. This may not fit very well, but it looks great. And this is what we want to see!

updated on 2011-06-05
(96 pics)

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Stairway to heaven
Heavently views: Moni is wearing an ultra small suspender bikini. What a great view! You could almost see everything. And Moni has a lot to offer. ;-)))

updated on 2011-05-30
(115 pics)

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Like a second skin
Bettina is wearing a very tight Venus swimsuit. This is a XS size but no problem for her. She stretches the material to its limit! Look at this hot view. We hurry up to get the pictures before it starts to hurt.

updated on 2011-05-25
(104 pics)

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Mallorca: Susi and Maya
This is the second to (the) last part of our Mallorca trip with Susi and Maya. Watch the video cut of our photoshooting. Its April and pre-season so you could do almost everything on the island without anybody disturbing. Have a look ;-)))

updated on 2011-05-20
(1 pics)

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Harvest helper
A harvester is passing the scene as we start taking pictures of our sweet model Lilly wearing an Ouvert hotpants. Its a warm and sunny day and Lilly is posing beautiful. The harvester could not see us, or?

updated on 2011-05-15
(108 pics)

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