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News from Sandy
We have arranged a meeting with sandy at the Cospudener Lake. She is a real Bikini Dream Girl and regularly to find at our Nixxxe page as a model. She loves our small, tight bikinis. and starts with a green micro bikini and much suntan lotion. Wow... She is so mad horny. Look at those curves. Really cool photos. Do not miss how Sandy just stretches. ;-)))

updated on 2013-05-18
(95 pics)

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Between the trees
Here model Babette shows us how the Fibi bikini looks like... If the right body is wearing it. The small part consists only of bands... you can always see everything. You have just to look. Babette is really horny and still wants to show some more of her sexy tattoos. Have fun!

updated on 2013-05-12
(85 pics)

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Sport free!
Our sweet model Jule is new here. She is still somewhat uncertain in front of the camera and we make some funny photo series with her. As a GDR-girl, she poses sexy and sporty at the same time wearing a small Bikini which she will drag away quickly. Very sexy... and very funny!

updated on 2013-05-06
(90 pics)

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Air !
Casey is wearing an ouvert shorts with built-in ventilation. Because the modern woman of today will no longer sweat so quickly when it is hot. Today we take only some photos to show how sexy it looks as a small part on Casey. Stunning!

updated on 2013-05-01
(94 pics)

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Too tight!
Yes, this Venus swimsuit is at least two numbers too tight for Shera. Nevertheless she wedges into it and we take some very horny pics. It is already hot to see where the swimsuit will disappear after a few steps. Wow! Shera has fun with it... and moves very carefully and slowly. Why?

updated on 2013-04-25
(95 pics)

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The rocks of Majorca
The rocky coast of Majorca is the background for these photos with our lovely Maxine. A girl like a dream. Perfect body and cute face. A wonderful holiday... and a girl such as Maxine in front of our lens.

updated on 2013-04-19
(43 pics)

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