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Above the ocean
The sound of the waves and the magnificent blue skies. Mallorca is always beautiful this way. Maxine stands on a promontory overlooking the sea and smiles into the camera. Like Aphrodite... naked and seductive. But this is no dream or is it?

updated on 2014-11-17
(37 pics)

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Retracing history
The middle-age is already far gone and yet we find its traces even today all over the place. Zenia is looking today for the remnants of the Kings Castle, a location in the Harz mountains. In her baggage: sharp curves and a large package of good moods!

updated on 2014-11-11
(101 pics)

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Sunny garden
Tiffany makes the best out of this day. In the garden she has made herself comfortable in a bikini on a chair and the Sun spoils her velvety skin. A short demand of us and already the shells fall. With this weather and these wonderful curves no wonder. We start to take pictures right away!

updated on 2014-11-05
(75 pics)

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Sandy in the dunes 2
Sandy is still with us in the dunes. And still no one saw us, and we diligently continue photographing. What a dream body! Sandy likes it here. Full nude on the beach. Great!

updated on 2014-10-30
(38 pics)

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Tropical heat with Sarah
Today we photograph our new Bikini girl Sarah in a gorgeous exotic scenery. But this fits perfectly to our exotic girl. Wonderful shapes and curves, hot breasts and a crisp ass. So the Bikini will no be that important.

updated on 2014-10-24
(52 pics)

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Tina in the sun of the alps
It is hot today. We are in the Salzkammergut in Austria and have a sharp model: Tina. As usual she has the piercings in her nipples and the pussy. Beautiful tanned and hot new photos. We start with a bikini in Orange. Tina looks great... really chic!

updated on 2014-10-18
(59 pics)

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