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At night all cats are grey - are they not?
What sparkles in the dark night? - It is the Red two-parter from Charlette. It is her first time with us in front of the camera in this tropical night. She already has experience, and yet she is still like a shy deer. We slowly come near and take the first pictures!

updated on 2015-04-22
(22 pics)

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Dune whispers on the Baltic Sea - part 3
Fine white sand between the fingers and the dune grass tickles the skin. We are enjoying the sunny day on the dunes at the Baltic Sea with Sandy. Totally relaxed, she lets us watch her and shoot some pictures. Dreamgirl!

updated on 2015-04-16
(68 pics)

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Above the ocean - part 4
The sound of the waves and the magnificent blue skies. Mallorca is always beautiful this way. Maxine stands on a promontory overlooking the sea and smiles into the camera. Like Aphrodite... naked and seductive. But this is no dream or is it?

updated on 2015-04-10
(61 pics)

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Snap - the red panty makes her horny - part 2
We are still in the quarry with Casey. This time she presents a real hot creation of red and black bands. The panties tingles on her ass and Casey is quite wild. She starts to play in front of the camera and we are looking forward to each new image of course.

updated on 2015-04-04
(80 pics)

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Welcome to the Attersee - part 3
Bright blue skies and warm temperatures: this was a great summer 2014. We are with Tina at the lake Attersee and here these great shots were taken. What a landscape and what fun! We hope next year will be just as good as this one!

updated on 2015-03-29
(44 pics)

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Games in the hay with Tamara
Our young farmers daughter Tamara watns to find some happiness. A blond angel with a dream body, but so far it do not really worked well with men for Tamara. And even though she knows how to put herself in the right lights. We are glad that we have a so nice, natural girl in front of the camera.

updated on 2015-03-23
(74 pics)

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