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A very brave concept for our designer. This string consists only of straps and rings. It's surely more for romantic evenings with him then her.

updated on 2004-12-14
(56 pics)

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Ultramicro-Bikini in blue
Sina on a small island on the north bank of the Cospudener See. She wears a blue Ultra-Micro – Bikini with white edges.

updated on 2004-12-04
(58 pics)

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Sina in our yellow Ultramicro-Bikini
Sina on the south bank of the lake in a canary yellow Micromini – Bikini with black edges.

updated on 2004-11-24
(60 pics)

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Lara in our Bandeau-Bikini
Actually entering the fair lake is forbidden. Too bad... we thought: What will happen? Lara in our pink Bandeau – Bikini with the chic white edges did it!

updated on 2004-11-04
(75 pics)

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Zenia at the ponds
Romantic pictures at an old tree, at a small lake. Zenia in a pink Mini – Bikini which shows her exciting shape very well.

updated on 2004-10-10
(55 pics)

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One-part in pink
A sweet, pink Suspender which unfortunately doesn’t match so well like it should. Zenia prefers to get rid of it.

updated on 2004-10-10
(50 pics)

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