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Natalie and the Torpeado X
Our new secret weapon on the beach: the Torpeado X! Nothing for shy or worrisome bunnies. Natalie shows how the item is worn correctly. The cut is unusual, the feelign wearing it is unique and the overall image is simply wonderful. What girl doesn’t want to be a real Nixxxe either. Sexy, sporting, self – confident and proud.

updated on 2005-12-26
(80 pics)

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Nikki brings you a christmas-present
While the snow falls quietly outside, Nikki has disguised herself as a Christmas woman. Look: a Suspenderstring in fiery red. This one matches perfect at Christmas. And next year on Ibizi, it is the perfect to viewing on the beach. Let’s see what her boyfriend says to this Christmas outfit?

updated on 2005-12-22
(95 pics)

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Yellow swimsuit
Even if an item goes from our design division into manufacturing It still isn’t clear whether we sell many. This swimsuit fits Annie perfectly but it is too ordinary for us. Write us, if you like it.

updated on 2005-12-05
(32 pics)

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Betty and the red Sling-String
Our saxon beauty Betty isn’t afraid of erotic clothing. quite the opposite. She shows us how to wear such an extreme, hot thing; and also add a breath of innocence at the same time.

updated on 2005-11-30
(194 pics)

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Suspenderstring in red
Bunny can be seen here in a bright red Suspenderstring. She got the big tattoo as a youth, and now when she would like to work as a model, sometime it interfers. It doesn’t bother us because change is the salt in the soup of eroticism. Or doesn’t it looks good?

updated on 2005-11-25
(91 pics)

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Castle-ruin and Spaceteen-bikini
Nora at ruins of a castle in the Harz. The sunset draws very warm colors on her body. Very romantic and beautiful pictures resulting from wonderful surroundings.

updated on 2005-11-20
(52 pics)

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