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Double X whith Jada
We took these photos with Jada at a small bath lake in the middle of Saxony. This was quite funny because local teens came over in row boats and wanted to help. Reel in which fish?

updated on 2005-09-04
(93 pics)

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Yellow swimsuit
A new design again. A yellow swimsuit which Sandy had to wear. It failed our style check. Therefore, don’t be sad if she takes it off.

updated on 2005-08-30
(86 pics)

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Micro-String to piercing
Finally, a string at which Jada can show her pretty, intimate piercing. The possibility of wearing the string very low gives her the option of deciding what can be seen and what not.

updated on 2005-08-25
(44 pics)

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Monorius - new model
A String? Sexy? Topless? Yes, this is all in our new creation: the Monorius-String. Jada shows how to stand out perfectly on or off the beach.

updated on 2005-08-20
(73 pics)

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Swimnixxxe Sandy in yellow
Small lake. Charming Sandy. Sexy yellow Hotpants-set und a camera. You don’t need more for such photos. And of Course: nice weather. What kind of marvellous curves. What a beautiful day – once again.

updated on 2005-08-15
(130 pics)

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Mallorca. White walls.
Zenia at a small Finca on Mallorca. A beautiful blue sky, Zenia, super-small bikini. And this in April. If we were still in Leipzig, a pullover must be worn. How unjust!

updated on 2005-08-10
(47 pics)

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