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Wild-West without panties
Why always topless? Nikki forgoes a slip in this foto-session and only wears a Classic-Top in floral color, a cowboy-hat and a colt revolver. We have fun and the pics are really sexy.

updated on 2007-01-31
(86 pics)

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White Hotpants in the Mirror
Today we are in a small barber-shop in Dresden with Monika. Its wintertime and snowy outside. Moni wears a light transparent and white Hotpants-classic with a black edge. It fits perfectly and she looks really sexy. Moni is playing with the Hotpants ... and pull them down.

updated on 2007-01-28
(119 pics)

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Topless in Sailor-Girl-Hotpants
Sandy is posing in blue Hotpants for our new photos. The lycra is like a second skin and Sandy's ass looks very hot in it. With every step the pants fits better. A real eyecatcher.

updated on 2007-01-25
(90 pics)

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Small, yellow thing
Hot sun is burning during this september. It's sunday and nobody is working in our little garage. Betty shows our yellow Suspender-String. A string just for brave and fresh girls. Would the workers have liked it?

updated on 2007-01-22
(121 pics)

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Golden Sling
Cold Angel in our Ring-Sling-String. In the golden dusk, It gets shiny and the entire girl has a warm appearance. Before the sun vanishes behind the trees, we take some detailed shots. We like particularly the firm fanny of the Models in conjunction with our smallest item. Don't you?

updated on 2007-01-19
(121 pics)

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In the Shower
During winter, Zenia often takes a shower with her bikini. She tests it to determine wether the bikini become smaller, or becomes stained from skin cream or body lotion. Afterwards she examines the seams, they shouldn't be broken by normal wearing. However, such test protocols are not too boring, are they?

updated on 2007-01-16
(56 pics)

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