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Ring-Sling-String in gold
It's almost evening and we are at an old mine with Anni. She wears an Ring-Sling-String in gold. Her oiled body is lighted and the strings fits tight. The feeling is hot ... allways naughty.

updated on 2007-02-06
(28 pics)

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Studio-Set with Lara
Nixxxe-Model Lara is in our studio. She wears a black 8-Ring-Gogo-Hotpants with a white edge and a black Classic-Top. Zenia is with us and uses a water-spray to make the material transparent. So you can see Lara's piercings.

updated on 2007-02-03
(88 pics)

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Wild-West without panties
Why always topless? Nikki forgoes a slip in this foto-session and only wears a Classic-Top in floral color, a cowboy-hat and a colt revolver. We have fun and the pics are really sexy.

updated on 2007-01-31
(86 pics)

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White Hotpants in the Mirror
Today we are in a small barber-shop in Dresden with Monika. Its wintertime and snowy outside. Moni wears a light transparent and white Hotpants-classic with a black edge. It fits perfectly and she looks really sexy. Moni is playing with the Hotpants ... and pull them down.

updated on 2007-01-28
(119 pics)

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Topless in Sailor-Girl-Hotpants
Sandy is posing in blue Hotpants for our new photos. The lycra is like a second skin and Sandy's ass looks very hot in it. With every step the pants fits better. A real eyecatcher.

updated on 2007-01-25
(90 pics)

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Small, yellow thing
Hot sun is burning during this september. It's sunday and nobody is working in our little garage. Betty shows our yellow Suspender-String. A string just for brave and fresh girls. Would the workers have liked it?

updated on 2007-01-22
(121 pics)

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