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Wroomm, wroomm!
We meet Cherry and Lea in a quarry near Dresden. Both want to try to become a bikini-model. No problem! For another photo-session, we got some old motorbikes, so we let them pose in front of an old BMW. First with a Leo-Bikini and a Leo-Swimsuit. Then, without ... without anything.

updated on 2007-03-14
(157 pics)

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We hit the road with our model Anne. She decides to wear an pink Bandeau-Bikini. In the water we take some pictures with it and a lot more without it ... Really nice!

updated on 2007-03-11
(107 pics)

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Grilled near the rock-wall
Our new nixxxe-girl Maya wears a red Ultra-Micro-Bikini. We are near the devils-wall. There is no swimming-lake near us. The air doesn't move at the wall. Maya sweats - you can see small perls all over her body. She's shiny and closes her eyes ... what a view!

updated on 2007-03-08
(58 pics)

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It's the Beginning of october and we are taking pictures at the Cospudener See near Leipzig. A temperature of more than 68 degrees ... where to go? Sonya wears our Leo-Mini-Bikini. She is a little bit shy at the beginning, but it gets easier. Some watchers enjoy the weather with us!

updated on 2007-03-05
(140 pics)

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A girl in red
Anybody who ownes more than one nixxxe-item could combine them very easily. Lara wears a Double-Ring-String and a Classic-Top. Very sexy ... and very good for swimming. This items dry very fast.

updated on 2007-03-02
(74 pics)

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Hot hours for Conny
Conny poses in a dark-blue Crazy-Suspender-Thong. This is her first foto-shoot in the hot sun. She often has to close her eyes. It's incredibly hot and she's really sweating. She is no pro-model, but her pictures are very natural and erotic.

updated on 2007-02-27
(113 pics)

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