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A girl in red
Anybody who ownes more than one nixxxe-item could combine them very easily. Lara wears a Double-Ring-String and a Classic-Top. Very sexy ... and very good for swimming. This items dry very fast.

updated on 2007-03-02
(74 pics)

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Hot hours for Conny
Conny poses in a dark-blue Crazy-Suspender-Thong. This is her first foto-shoot in the hot sun. She often has to close her eyes. It's incredibly hot and she's really sweating. She is no pro-model, but her pictures are very natural and erotic.

updated on 2007-02-27
(113 pics)

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Zenia and the wardrobe
What should i wear? Zenia finds nothing interesting in her wardrobe. The tight, black Classic-Hotpants isn't sufficient for walking to the university. So, she decides to go back to bed. Here she won't need any clothes. This is because she always sleeps naked.

updated on 2007-02-24
(44 pics)

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Into the haystack
What a great photo-scene with all the hay-rolls. This is field near Rohrbach and we take pictures with Angie. She wears a Double-Ring-String and a very short T-shirt. The hay really stings. Ouch! Angie really doesn't want to sleep in a haystack...

updated on 2007-02-21
(73 pics)

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Studio-Set with a red Suspender-Thong
This is how a girl looks like in our Suspender-Thong, a swimming-string with suspenders. Lara thinks this is really good beach-ware. (But only if the other guests wearing the same!) With wind in her hair, she feels like being at the beach. Great.

updated on 2007-02-18
(83 pics)

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Wet Games - with and without
We are at a small swimming-lake near Harth with Bunny. The only thing she's wearing is a red Double-Ring-String. Even this is too much for her. Some minutes later, she gets rid of it and enjoys swimming naked. This must be really refreshing.

updated on 2007-02-12
(156 pics)

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