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Free Fire
Claudia wears a NVA - winter-jacket and a red Bodyform-Suspender. It's allowed to have some sexy fun, isn't it?

updated on 2007-08-17
(46 pics)

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Suzi and the Torpeado-Bikini
Suzi-Anne at a studio-photoshoot in our Torpeado-Bikini in white.

updated on 2007-08-14
(58 pics)

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Sonya in front of the mirror
Sonya in front of the mirror. She wears our Noupy-String in black. The panty-part is moveable so you can decide how much to cover. Sonya shows us some different possibilities ;-)

updated on 2007-08-11
(117 pics)

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The racing motorcycle
This is an old MZ-racing motorcycle from the 1980ies. Sindy loves motorcycles and was really excited as we put her beside the bike. She wears an Ultra-Micro-Bikini in white and later strips of.

updated on 2007-08-08
(128 pics)

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Get wet!
To show you how transperant our swimsuit could be we decided to splash our model Suzi-Anne with a spray bottle. Very sexy ... even if it dries so fast.

updated on 2007-08-05
(76 pics)

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Shaving Claudia ...
Claudia at her first Nixxxe-Shooting. None shaved - a real no-go. We decided to simply shave off the superfluous hariness for a better bikini-look. Have fun! The video will follow later ; -)

updated on 2007-08-02
(103 pics)

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