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High above the Mediterranean Sea
These are some pictures of our last stay at Majorca. Zenia's next to a tree above the beaming blue of the mediterranean sea. It's glimmering like thousand stars and we start to dream ...

updated on 2007-10-01
(44 pics)

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Wind, wind, wind
These windpower-stations are located on a field near Güsten. So we all like regenerating powersources and we decided to show the erotic side of windpower. Suzi-Anne helps us with this by wearing a sharp Leo-swimsuit.

updated on 2007-09-28
(127 pics)

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Enjoying the ultra-mikro in the evening
... this is refreshing. Lizzy wears an Ultra-Micro-Bikini which is much too small for her. Her opinion. Alright. But it looks fantastic ... and if she doesn't like it, let her takes it off...

updated on 2007-09-25
(63 pics)

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Fishermans Girl
Conny at a gravel-pit in Pirna. She wears some white Sailor-Hotpants and nothing else. Later on ... even less.

updated on 2007-09-22
(86 pics)

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8-ring hotpants in white
Suzi-Anne at a studio-shooting in some white 8-Ring-Hotpants. Looks really good... doesn't it?

updated on 2007-09-19
(47 pics)

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Leopard Alexa
Our beautiful model Alexa next to a country road on a motocross - trainingyard. She wears a mini-bikini in leopard style. Grrrrr... very sexy.

updated on 2007-09-16
(122 pics)

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