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Sling, sling !
Susi-Ann with out yellow sling-string. Sweet and sexy studio-series for our Sexy-Bikini-Girls-Book.

updated on 2007-12-12
(35 pics)

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Into the field
Video of our fotoshoot with Susi-Ann and her sister Maya. Both are wearing hot bodystrings within a rape-field. Great fun and ... very hot!

updated on 2007-12-08
(1 pics)

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Sindy wearing our Bodysling Lia
Hot, hotter ... Lia. This bikini consists only of strings. Very strange and very dangerous. Have fun with Sindy and this ... thing.

updated on 2007-12-04
(98 pics)

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Video: Sindy on a mtx-bike
Video of bikini-girl Cindy and her MTX-bike. Have fun!

updated on 2007-12-03
(1 pics)

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Video: Lizzy next to an excavator
This is video of Lizzy in a quarry near Dresden. The photos are already online.

updated on 2007-12-02
(1 pics)

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Hot Sandra!
Blue skies, a green crossbike and a real hot girl. Anything missing? Of course, a hot nixxxe-bikini. Alright, here it is, our white hotpants set. So, let's see, how Sandra will take it off.

updated on 2007-11-30
(99 pics)

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