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Monorius near the digger
This is a photoseries of Dora near an old digger next to a quarry. Its springtime - and a great day for bikinis. With or without material ...

updated on 2008-01-30
(85 pics)

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Netti with our Bandida-Bikini
This is an old warehouse south of Leipzig. Our great model Netti wears a bandida-bikini - a combination of our bandeau-top and the suspender-string.

updated on 2008-01-25
(109 pics)

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Ready to go!
Model Sindy in our Suspender-String. Amused as always, she was a bit restlessly, nervous but sexy. This shooting took place in a old quarry near Pirna.

updated on 2008-01-14
(100 pics)

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Video: Lizzy with the Trixi
Video of our series with Lizzy near a wooden hut down a quarry in Dresden.

updated on 2008-01-10
(1 pics)

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Netti in red
This is one of our new girls: Netti from Leipzig. She's a great model with a hot body. These photos were taken near an old power plant in Leipzig. Take alook yourself! The bikini fits very well, but watch her get rid of it ...

updated on 2008-01-07
(110 pics)

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Dreamteen Trixi
Lizzy in a quarry near Dresden. Our swimsuit 'Trixi' fits very well. Her hot body looks great. Of course, she'll get rid of it sometime later...

updated on 2008-01-03
(97 pics)

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