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Mallorca: Maya shaking
Maya is wearing a pink suspender-string and bandeau-top - not enough for the rough winds near the ocean. But she is trying to pose the best she could. Incredible what Maya is doing to get warm!

updated on 2008-07-25
(90 pics)

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Dark-blue skies. Pink bikini. Hot model. The highlight: a black bike and a great performance of Gretel. So have fun ... with Gretel on a crossbike!

updated on 2008-07-21
(97 pics)

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Mallorca: Susi at the fishing lodges
In the afternoon of our second day, the weather became very cloudy. A storm crawled up and our mood became nearly depressive. Susi tried to rescue the situation with some hot posing in a Space-Teen-Bikini. It worked and the sun came too, after some while.

updated on 2008-07-13
(106 pics)

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Torpeado on !
Natalie from Leizig is one of our hottest models. She is wearing a red Torpeado-Bikini that looks really great on her body. She is getting hotter and wilder every minute - until sho gets naked ... thats the way to be.

updated on 2008-07-09
(109 pics)

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Sophie gets off
A pearl-string ans some naughty, white hotpants. We are at nature-ressort near the A38, south of Leipzig. Sophie is really sexy and likes to pose in front of our camera.

updated on 2008-07-05
(110 pics)

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Mallorca: Maya in front of the harbour
Sexy Maya with a red suspender-thong. This is the coast road of Palma. You can even see the harbout in the background. A great view, blue skies and a great body. Lets go on ...

updated on 2008-07-01
(45 pics)

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