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Natalia with our ultra-micro
This is our model Natalie on a motocross-track in Tollwitz near Leipzig. With a hot bike and a lot of small bikinis and we started with our Ultra-Micro one. Have fun!

updated on 2008-06-03
(97 pics)

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Mallorca: Maya at the balcony
After we took some hot pictures on the balcony, Maya got hotter every minute. So we started up new, with a hotpants-sets - beautiful!

updated on 2008-05-30
(103 pics)

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Mallorca: Susi at the hotel
After our shopping-tour, we take a look over the ocean from our balcony. We are in the south of the island, directly at the beach within a small cove. Susi wears some yellow hotpants and we start to take some pictures.

updated on 2008-05-22
(51 pics)

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Sophie and the cars
Nixxxe-Shooting with Sophie in Leipzig. To warm up, we started with some hot dessous on an highway-bridge near the new A38 in the east of the city. The bikini-shoot will follow up.

updated on 2008-05-18
(108 pics)

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Mallorca: Palma - the first day
Welcome to Majorca. Maya and Susi will stay for 4 hot days of our nixxxe-photoshooting. But lets start with a shopping tour through Palma, the main capital of the island. This is the great first afternoon we have got since we get here.

updated on 2008-05-14
(92 pics)

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Video: Maya with our red suspender-thong
Video of our photoshooting with Maya in springtime. The complete photo-series is available within our VIP-area. Have fun!

updated on 2008-05-11
(1 pics)

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