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Sindy and Franzi in action
Sindy and Franzi together. Sindy is wearing a really small Suspender-String, Franzi wears a Sailor-Hotpants. Naughty parts for really funny actions. So these two started playing with each other. Have a look.

updated on 2008-10-13
(100 pics)

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Tarja wearing our X-Zipp
Every model should use a X-Zipp-Bikini. It is a great part of our design-collection, even if you could see more as everything. Tarja is very surprised and it is not easy to cover everything ... great fun for our photographer.

updated on 2008-10-09
(93 pics)

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Mallorca: Maya with the Leo-Mini-Bikini
Time for swimming. Maya is first and the water is really cold at the end of april. It does not matter and it looks really great to see a girl dive into cold water. Very nasty, watch it out!

updated on 2008-10-05
(107 pics)

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Video: Sling it, Baby !
Video of our photoshooting with Dora wearing our bodyform-bikini. The complete photo-series is available within our VIP-area. Have fun!

updated on 2008-10-01
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Maxine at the studio - BRB Scorpeo
This is Maxine wearing our Black-Ring-Bikini Scorpeo for the first time ever. We asked an old friend how to name the bikini and she answered, it looks like an scorpian. So we named it Scorpeo, not that easy but a great name.

updated on 2008-10-01
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Sylvie: X-Zipp-Bikini Action
Into the water. But it is not getting any cooler. Sophie is a real nixxxe-girl and she is moving very sexy at the water. Her bikini is like her movements ... small and nasty. So she gets rid of it.

updated on 2008-09-27
(112 pics)

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