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Latin Bikini Fever
Sweet saxonia-latine Esmeralda shows her goods. It is near sunset at the waterfalls and we starts to hurry up to get some great pictures of her.

updated on 2009-03-15
(99 pics)

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Tarja combines
Our model Tarja is wearing a suspender-string and white hotpants-set. Very transparent of course. Soxy and provoking. Do you want to go swimming?

updated on 2009-03-11
(72 pics)

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Curve-girl Saskia
Our next hot meeting with Saskia. This time she is wearing a torpeado-bikini in black and no eye will stay dry. Saskia is sweating under the hot sun and pearls a glittering on her naked skin. She gets rid of the bikini ... hot, hotter ... Saskia.

updated on 2009-03-07
(118 pics)

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Firing up!
Gretel and Sandra at our motocross-shooting last summer. Suspender-thongs and a lot of sunshine. Could you imagine two hot girls getting naked next to some hot motocross-cycles?

updated on 2009-03-03
(82 pics)

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Green Mile
A beach-lounge at the Cossi. A beautiful girl with a small bikini. This is Maxine wearing a nixxxe bandida-bikini. Of course you will see her naked, too. By the way, you will find the video on our DVD "Hot curves" within the shop. Have a look!

updated on 2009-02-27
(113 pics)

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Take off !
Mira is a great hit. First time in front of a camera, but sooo hot and thrilling. She is even heating up when getting undressed of our super-small scorpea-bikini and starts acting naked.

updated on 2009-02-23
(98 pics)

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