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Susi and Maya at Mallorca
Susi with a transparent classic swimsuit at the ocean. So lets start the action: water on. Because you could see right anything if this swimsuit gets wet. So have fun with our water-games.

updated on 2009-10-19
(87 pics)

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Jamila at the jungle
Another new girl: Jamila. 22 years old and from Berlin. She likes our bikinis and wanted to try out working as a model. This are the first pictures ever.

updated on 2009-10-15
(67 pics)

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Esmeralda with open hotpants
Apple-green. This is the color of the hotpants Esmeralda is wearing at this photosession. They do not cover anything whats perfect for some hot pictures. Dresses her well!

updated on 2009-10-10
(49 pics)

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M-joy with the Isis-miniskirt
Our new model M-jpy has some really hot curves and is the perfect match for our new miniskirt Isis. Transparent at the front, open at the back. So let us hope we get some really interesting insights.

updated on 2009-10-06
(57 pics)

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Susi and Maya at Mallorca
This is a video of our photoshooting of Maya within our hotel. The ocean is right below our balcony and on top ... Maya wearing some super hotpants and a great smile. This will be the only things she is wearing at the end of this session.

updated on 2009-10-02
(1 pics)

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Chantal with open hotpants
A new face for our nixxxe-website: Chantal. 19 years old and an absolut beginner. Together wit hour friend Andreas we talked her into a photoshooting. Bodypainting and nixxxe-bikinis ... two hot themes. However the weather was not that good. But as always it was fun.

updated on 2009-09-28
(94 pics)

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