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Mallorca: Maya with the Leo-Mini-Bikini
No way to get hotter. Our sweet Maya with an ultra-small bikini at the Mediterranean Sea. Now its time to get into the water and to get naked. A beauty rocket. Do not miss the upcoming water-games.

updated on 2010-01-31
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Blue at the castle
A whole day with Janet to take some beautiful pictures. At first she was too shy to take of all her clothes... but we found a solution to get her comfortable. In the park at Ringelheim we used the great weather and our new metal-blue Setty-bikini for this blond beauty.

updated on 2010-01-27
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Down with nothing!
Fanny is the girlfriend of one of our best photographer friends. We are at a gravel plant in Kleinpösna and she is a really saucy rascal but also as hot as we thought. Its no problem for her wearing this open hotpants and you can clearly see everything. Also her little secret piercing.

updated on 2010-01-22
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Light and shadow
We are at the gravel plant near Pirna for a photoshoot with M-joy. We found the perfect location under an old rusty grid. Our model wears a transparent swimsuit, much too tight. Wow! Thats hot!

updated on 2010-01-17
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Michaela: Hot Hot Hot ... Pants
Christmas with Michaela and she presents some of our new parts like the Bolero. This brand new part is very tight - and watch out for our hotpants. Even with some snow outside its getting hot in our studio.

updated on 2010-01-13
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Susi and Maya at Mallorca
Susi with our X-Zipp-Bikini. Great body, sweet smiling ... and a hot bikini. At this video you can see how the pictures were taken and this girl is a really naughty thing. She is so NOT uptight about her body. We like it!

updated on 2010-01-08
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