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Kathi and the old barrel
Our Kathi is wearing some blue, open hotpants a a transparent, white skirt. Very tight and sexy. We found this old oil barrel, empty, but very good stuff for our scene. Have fun!

updated on 2011-05-10
(99 pics)

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Babette with the Bonita bikini
Babette trains several hours a day. And of course you could work as a model with such a fit body. And the best of all, she likes to wear our short bikinis. (... or wants to be naked) What a lucky circumstance!

updated on 2011-05-05
(114 pics)

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A pink dream
Our blonde dreamgirl Vanessa with a two parted bikini set. Its named Olivia and one of our new nixxxe parts. Very stylish, beautiful and sexy. Have a look at her great body. This is how a bikini model have to look like.

updated on 2011-04-30
(91 pics)

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Tight, tighter ... Moni!
This swimsuit is really too tight. But Moni wants to try it. Its pinching. Ouch! But she is a hard girl and smiles. What a naughty view. And by the way, too tight is much more better than too big... what do you think?

updated on 2011-04-25
(112 pics)

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The yellow look
Bettina at a yellow train. What a great location for our photos. So our model starts to undress in front of this old train. Have a good ride!

updated on 2011-04-20
(82 pics)

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Mallorca: Susi and Maya at the bay
Video of our photoshooting with Susi and Maya. Susi is wearing a yellow suspender string as Maya is wearing a light blue hotpants set. Both Both will be naked and wet soon. Naughty girls, so have fun!

updated on 2011-04-15
(1 pics)

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