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One fish on the dry
Our new nixxxe girl Ophelia: Sweet freckles and green eyes. We are at an old gravel yard and Ophelia starts to undress to show us her goods. This will be a great time for us!

updated on 2011-08-10
(89 pics)

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Tanata at the old movie church
In May we went to Moscow! To take really hot pictures of some pretty girls for of course. The 19-year-old Tanata works in a hotel and immediately said yes when we asked her to work with us. At the weekend we drove to a forest south of Moscow. There are some backgrounds left for a historical movie that was filmed recently. So here are Tanatas first photos in front of a church made of plywood and enjoying the midday sun.

updated on 2011-08-05
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Moni likes to be on top
Moni is having a lot of fun in front of our camera. She loves the bikinis of Nixxxe and this new part is like a breeze of nothing. As Moni moves her breasts are popping out. But this is the plan ... very funny!

updated on 2011-07-30
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The old train
We are at the train museum in Staßfurt. This old train full of rust is a great scenery for our photos. Bettina loves it and shows full physical play. This time with a 2-parted Olivia-swimsuit from Nixxxe. Hot part on a hot woman.

updated on 2011-07-25
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Shadow games
Model Lilly with a tight, black swimsuit. We are at a small lake with almost blue skies. Perfect, is it? Look at the nice shadows of leafs on her body as she starts to undress herself. Nobody should miss this!

updated on 2011-07-20
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Lets have some fun
In front of the camera: Babette. A great woman with a great body. She wears a white, transparent swimsuit. We wet her up! Look how it is disappearing. Spicy. Babette is very relaxed but have a look yourselves...

updated on 2011-07-15
(113 pics)

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