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Yellow ... like a banana
Nicole at the Cospudener Lake. Wonderful weather and a cheerful model. The photos are coming fluently. With her suntanned skin and her racy look, Nicole is the perfect model for our collection. A great day for good pictures!

updated on 2012-12-20
(72 pics)

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Cariba, Cariba !
Shera is in a really good mood today. The Bikini shooting is running very well... wonderful weather and very, very horny, little bikinis. It is like she ever thought of. The bikinis can be also very tight as she realizes now with our Cariba. It tweaks like hell... at a sensitive point. However, Shera smiles friendly and enjoys the feeling. This is the way to be.

updated on 2012-12-14
(113 pics)

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Too tight?
Some bikinis are really best, if they are too tight. So like this one ... at Divanella. The swimsuit, which consists only of a band in her step, is too narrow and tweaks. Hardly. There is no help ... just stop wining ... and go on. This is like running with scissors!

updated on 2012-12-08
(70 pics)

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The girl and the ocean
Hot sun above the rushing waves of the oecean. Maxine stands naked on a rock overlooking the great water scenery. Sometimes, the foam sparys up to her. Then we are looking for a new position... lying on a ledge above the abyss of the sea. Incredibly beautiful, beguiling and timeless in its elegance. Adorable!

updated on 2012-12-02
(58 pics)

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Shera and Casey: Double-feature
Two hot models in mini-bikinis: In front of a waterfall in the forests. This is intoxicating. These two models are Shera and Casey. For the first time together in front of our camera. The girls starts to undress each other. Wow! This is real hot!

updated on 2012-11-26
(105 pics)

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Tina is going hot
In our tiny Torpeado bikini Tina feels like home. A bikini for bad girls... and women. Tina is a fan of our fashion. She likes to provoke and shows herself very permissive. A bikini can not be too small. And after this? She is getting naked of course.

updated on 2012-11-20
(105 pics)

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