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Tina with the Fibi-Bikini
This is Tina. She is a huge fan of our small, hot bikinis. Today her dream comes true: a sexy photo shoot in our bikinis of Nixxxe. We are near Kleinpösna at our favorite Lake in Leipzig and the Sun laughs. Tina wears the Fibi bikini, which... only consists of soft straps and really shows anything. Just right! Tina shows their piercing sparkling in the Sun. Hot!

updated on 2012-09-09
(103 pics)

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First Bikini Strike!
Shera goes nude for the first time. This is the plan for our shooting. And with the first series she must show whether she is serious about it. She can not hide anything with our small Bonita bikini. And especially the panties is a very generous cut. Shera is doing everything! And here are the pictures! For the first time completely naked and freshly shaved: Shera!

updated on 2012-09-04
(116 pics)

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Pink Bikini
Our current bikini Queen in a pink bikini. Completely transparent and extremely sexy. Photographed at the Cospudener Lake in Leipzig. Nicole is simply gorgeous. No matter from which view - she is just plain sexy. She has charisma and can pose perfectly. What would you wish more?

updated on 2012-08-30
(55 pics)

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Classic Beauty
Divanella in a classic bathing suit. Slightly transparent, with a fine pattern it completes the sharp curves of our models. Very sexy... and still wearable. Just look at our shop. There are much more great parts.

updated on 2012-08-25
(83 pics)

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To the horizon
Maxine on Malle. Wonderful weather and blue skies up to the horizon. Maxine has oiled herself up, so she gets no sunburn. Everywhere. And look how it sparkles in the sun. A dream. Who can resist this body? Enjoy the summer with sexy Maxine in the Mediterranean!

updated on 2012-08-20
(57 pics)

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Casey with the Clio
Casey shows us a new bikini from the current collection. Clio, a sharp piece of swimwear which plays around Caseys hot curves. But this is only a short series... soon there will be much more to see of Casey and her boobies.

updated on 2012-08-15
(50 pics)

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