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Too tight!
Yes, this Venus swimsuit is at least two numbers too tight for Shera. Nevertheless she wedges into it and we take some very horny pics. It is already hot to see where the swimsuit will disappear after a few steps. Wow! Shera has fun with it... and moves very carefully and slowly. Why?

updated on 2013-04-25
(95 pics)

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The rocks of Majorca
The rocky coast of Majorca is the background for these photos with our lovely Maxine. A girl like a dream. Perfect body and cute face. A wonderful holiday... and a girl such as Maxine in front of our lens.

updated on 2013-04-19
(43 pics)

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Smiling sun!
What a great shooting! On the Cossi in Leipzig. Nicole in a yellow Bonita bikini. Hot and sexy... like our bikinis are. She is so relaxed and funny. And we take a lot of sharp photos of Nicole in her little bikini. Thats fun.

updated on 2013-04-13
(82 pics)

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Tiny and chic
Tina in a tiny Flavia bikini by Nixxxe. So hot and sexy... like our model. Her sharp curves are really highlighted by the small bands that fits in all the right places. Tina starts to undress an then shows her intimate piercing... wow! Have fun with that view!

updated on 2013-04-07
(132 pics)

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At the Church break
Casey in a chic retro bikini at the Church break in Beucha near Leipzig. In the background the small church in the foreground the sharp Casey. Do not worry... the water is in between. Therefore, Casey has also no problem to pull her bikini aside. Then, you can see quite a lot. Hui! That is a naughty girl.

updated on 2013-04-01
(127 pics)

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At the waterfall
Wonderfully wild and fresh! Shera dares in the raging falling water. She makes a really good figure in our sexy Delta2 bikini from our shop. And she will even show more. So away with the Bikini and down under the waterfall. Very hot action!

updated on 2013-03-26
(85 pics)

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