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At the tractor
We have found a really old tractor. We obviously make some photos with our sweet model Jule in front of that. Look how colorful she is... but underneath she is wearing a black bikini. But... of course she also prefers to get naked. For the photos... and for us. Very sexy and very funny. So are the pictures.

updated on 2013-06-29
(82 pics)

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Shera with the drops bikini
A bikini can not be any smaller. Model Shera is appalled at our tiny bikinis. But she can take off the part even if she does not like it of course. And now, she starts to do so... and you can watch it. It gets even hotter... thanks to Shera.

updated on 2013-06-23
(144 pics)

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Climbing allowed!
Near the rocky coast of Mallorca Maxine posed for these photos. A beautiful contrast. This tough, rugged cliffs and, however, our sweet, tender model. It is a pleasure to watch our naked Angel while climbing.

updated on 2013-06-17
(63 pics)

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Shera at the waterfall!
Shera is dropping all cases. The waterfall is freezing cold. Every drop is like a small needle stitch. Nevertheless, our model makes no half measures and plunges under the icy waters. Naked and absolutely thrilled she poses for our bikini photos. Very, very sexy!

updated on 2013-06-05
(145 pics)

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The body-string
Tina in a bodyform suspender. A harness made of soft strips... without pants. A very horny one. Tina smiles all the time... and not only with her mouth. At each step, the part is digging a little further into her pussy. She loves it... and we do also!

updated on 2013-05-30
(98 pics)

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Cold water - hot bikini
The water in the Lake in Kleinpösna is still fresh. But Anastasia starts to get wet already. It is fun to her. Never before she had seen that little bikinis. Crazy! And now she is in front of the Nixxxe-camera with it. This is a sharp thing. Exciting!

updated on 2013-05-24
(98 pics)

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