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Pink baby
Zenia in a small stream in the middle of the Harz mountains. She wears a tiny bikini. In pink... her favorite color. What great view. Her wonderfully shiny skin with the feminine curves. Wow! And then she starts to strip. It can not be better and hotter!

updated on 2013-12-08
(103 pics)

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Sun and sand
Princess in the gravel. It is a hot day and our model is sweating. She only wears a tiny, transparent bikini. But even this is too much. So she gets rid of it and likes feeling the sun. She is a living work of art... Body art. Full of tattoos and all the piercings. Incredible! Hot!

updated on 2013-12-02
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Sexy bus tour
Jule is driving the bus with us. Under her uniform, she wears a red painted bikini, which suits her really well. But Jule has no ticket. Perhaps the bus driver will take her anyway, if she takes off just enough clothes? We arre curious about that...

updated on 2013-11-26
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Into the reed
With Tina in the blue fluffy bikini. At our favorite swimming lake is no traffic this evening. So model Tina tries to wear some of our very crazy things. After some time the Bikini is gone into the reed plants, and then she shows her intimate piercing our photographer. From all sides ;-) Wow! What a show!

updated on 2013-11-20
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Shera completely naked
So this is our crazy new set with Shera and some hot overknee boots. Nothing else. She never thought of beeing so sexy naked in front of the camera. Absolutely nervous but with a lot of fun she is working with us. The warm sun is beautiful as we go on to take nude photos.

updated on 2013-11-14
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Blue bikini Clio
Anastasia in a gravel pit near Kleinpösna. Now she wears a Clio bikini in Royal Blue. A great color. Fits just fine with her dark hair. Our model is quite enthusiastic about this fit and sexy style.

updated on 2013-11-08
(89 pics)

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