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Football Fever
World Cup 2014! Casey would like to go to the public viewing at the Clara-Zetkin-Park. AS for fun we paint her shirt directly on skin by Bodypainter Andreas Waithe. Here you can find the pictures of the body painting.

updated on 2014-07-01
(91 pics)

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Into the waves
The waves crushes onto the rocks and we are in search of the perfect spot for our model Maxine. Once found, we wait for the water to arrive. And there it comes, flushing her up and down. Wow! We can not stop taking photos for now and thanks to Maxine, she is a really beautiful goddess.

updated on 2014-06-24
(52 pics)

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Less is not possible
Our model princess in a bands bikini, which acts as a placebo. From a distance it seems like a bikini. But up close, everything is to see: the nipples, pussy... just everything. So, it is a bikini-placebo: hides nothing and shows everything.

updated on 2014-06-12
(78 pics)

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Casey with a Crizzy-Bikini
The Church break in Beucha is the best place for a bikini shoot today. Casey is the model and makes her talents shine in the sun. She has two great talents. And right there you could see them both. Wow! That looks good! Casey poses a round "up-without"... then it goes on.

updated on 2014-06-06
(105 pics)

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Evening mood with fishing boats
Our first night with sandy in Baabe on Rügen. The fishing boats on the beach provide a great backdrop for these photos. Very romantic, dreamy and sexy. Glorious light and a wonderful model. Have fun with the photos.

updated on 2014-05-31
(65 pics)

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Lake view with bikini
Nici in a ultra micro bikini. Very small part, Nici means. But therefor the sun reaches her whole body. This is worth something ;-). So it is not that difficult for Nici to undress the tiny bikini, because she feels already naked. And afterwards she will feel more comfortable. What kind of a world.

updated on 2014-05-25
(70 pics)

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