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Stop - too hot for our nixxxe-website
Attention danger! Actually, already the construction barge warns us and we should have known better. Anita can not leave it be and shows herself ultra-sharp in front of the camera. Absolutely hot this girl. So we have to watch now and it looks somehow already hot!

updated on 2014-12-17
(68 pics)

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Welcome to the Attersee - part 1
Bright blue skies and warm temperatures: this was a great summer 2014. We are with Tina at the lake Attersee and here these great shots were taken. What a landscape and what fun! We hope next year will be just as good as this one!

updated on 2014-12-11
(85 pics)

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Round facts in the old quarry
We are still in the quarries of Kleinpösna and the sun continues burning. We have found some shadows with Casey. And now, the hot bikini has to disappear and Casey starts finally to show us her sunny sides!

updated on 2014-11-29
(69 pics)

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Above the ocean
The sound of the waves and the magnificent blue skies. Mallorca is always beautiful this way. Maxine stands on a promontory overlooking the sea and smiles into the camera. Like Aphrodite... naked and seductive. But this is no dream or is it?

updated on 2014-11-17
(37 pics)

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Retracing history
The middle-age is already far gone and yet we find its traces even today all over the place. Zenia is looking today for the remnants of the Kings Castle, a location in the Harz mountains. In her baggage: sharp curves and a large package of good moods!

updated on 2014-11-11
(101 pics)

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Sunny garden
Tiffany makes the best out of this day. In the garden she has made herself comfortable in a bikini on a chair and the Sun spoils her velvety skin. A short demand of us and already the shells fall. With this weather and these wonderful curves no wonder. We start to take pictures right away!

updated on 2014-11-05
(75 pics)

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