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The breakdown service rushes to help - part 2
Naked on the streets of Leipzig. Clearly this attracts also some others. We are not quite sure whether the breakdown service is coming to help us, or whether it just randomly visited the same road as we are. But as a photo opportunity, this setting fits perfectly.

updated on 2016-01-25
(67 pics)

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Alexas beginnings - yound and sweet
All of our models decided at some point to work in front of the camera. Also Alexa. At the time, she was still quite young and shy, that she was not brave enough to come into our studio. It was really her first time at all and as you know you should be extra careful. As it was early summer we decided to go out in the sun... and the results were stunning already!

updated on 2016-01-18
(100 pics)

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Bikini Teen Jess - Speed-Casting on the couch
Jess has to go on our couch! Not to relax, but for our horny photos. She wears a tiny bikini and lets quickly flash some skin and her small, firm breasts. She is not shy in any case, this you can cleary see. So... have fun with Jess and her fast-casting on the couch!

updated on 2016-01-11
(73 pics)

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Just in the pool
Softshots with Charlette in the pool. Our curvy nixxxe girl relaxes in the cool water. We can not resist at start taking pictures of course. So give your phantasy some input because Charlette will not show everything today!

updated on 2015-12-28
(29 pics)

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String games at the beach
At first glance, you might think Jessica is nude. But far away from that. She is packaged up only in some hot bands. Playfully they disappear one after another and she shares the view on her crisp and gorgeous body. She crawls in front of the camera and seduced you with her views!

updated on 2015-12-21
(50 pics)

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Mallorca - last hours in the sun - part 3
The sound of the waves and the magnificent blue skies. Mallorca is always beautiful this way. Maxine stands on a promontory overlooking the sea and smiles into the camera. Like Aphrodite... naked and seductive. But this is no dream or is it? We enjoy the last hours of the day and the warm sunbeams on our skin. Hopefully we could come back to this beautiful place with this stunning girl.

updated on 2015-12-14
(85 pics)

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