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Hot Angel!
A quarry in Saxon Switzerland. Our model Cold Angel in our Suspender-string combined with an Ultra – Micro – Bikini top. We find a stone sculpture at which the girl can play. At this, some garments come off.

updated on 2006-04-25
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Anja at the harbour
We have arranged an appointment with Anja at the inland harbour in Brunswick. The weather is changeable; but the sun comes through from time to time. Anja poses in one of our Ultra – Micro – Bikinis in front of the loading cranes of the harbour.

updated on 2006-04-20
(60 pics)

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Betty in the evening
We have oiled Betty and put her in our white Suspender-string. We take photographs of her in the light of the setting sun at small lake next to our gravel work. The marvellous light shows off her shape wonderfully.

updated on 2006-04-15
(91 pics)

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At the wooden-bridge
Karla stands on a rustic wood bridge in the middle of the Harz. She wears our Classic – Hotpants in cobalt blue with white edges. A white shirt is added to this. Although she is a beginner she does not mind the poses.

updated on 2006-04-10
(117 pics)

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Nikki in hot, white Pants
The winter is here. If it gets cold and snow falls outside,we carry on with our photos in the studio. Our new model Nikki comes from Dresden, is 21 years old and doesn’t have any much experience yet in front of the camera. The work with the winter jacket and the belt helps her to get more comfortable. The Hotpants-Classic in transparent white with white edges fits her excellently. The skin easily shimmers through, and the soft white has an unbelievable erotic radiance.

updated on 2006-02-04
(51 pics)

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Betty in a pink Suspenderstring
Betty in a pink Suspender-string with white edges. It fits her female shape perfectly and provides new accents. With self-confidence and the necessary calmness every girl stands out with such a Nixxxe- thing.

updated on 2006-01-31
(97 pics)

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