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White ultra-micro on red chair
California is a sweet 19 year old beginner who we photographed in our Ultra – Micro – Bikini. She comes from Dresden and has already posed for one or two years. She has unbelievable fun in front of the camera, and likes to try something else. Like our bikinis. Matching the shapely girl, a bright red synthetic material chair which brings more color in the photos.

updated on 2006-01-23
(86 pics)

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On the bridge
Our Location at these photos: a conveyor in a closed gravel work. Our model: Betty. Radiantly blue sky, Betty...a little anxious with her first Nixxxe pictures wearing a cobalt blue Hotpants-set. The girl initially poses very timidly in the strangely-brief, very transparent clothes. She must get used to this. After 20 minutes, her inhibitions decreases and the pictures become visibly looser and sharper. And at the end...see for yourself.

updated on 2006-01-19
(145 pics)

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Carla in our 8-Ring-Gogo-Hotpants
We take photographs of Carla from Magdeburg at an old castle wall. She wears a 8 – Ring – Gogo – Hotpants in bordeau red with black edges. The Hotpants are like a second skin and join in every movement. Carlas athletic body reveals new nuances of of the Nixxxe - Hotpants. They emphasize the femals form and turn uncovered areas and modern accessories like the high grade steel rings into a sportive and erotic picture.

updated on 2006-01-15
(149 pics)

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Nikki and the Swimsiute classic transparent
Nikki, our new, super-pretty model from Dresden wears our Swimsuite – Classic in transparent white with black trim. The photoassistant has sprayed some water on swimsuit. The effect can bee seen immediately. The suit is almost invisible in the water. Therefore, it's only something for very courageous Nixxxies!

updated on 2006-01-11
(111 pics)

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Cold Angel in Hot-Wear
Our model is Cold Angel from Dresden. But the pictures are anything but cold. In a quarry we have used the last september days for our photos. Cold Angel wears an Ultra – Micro – Bikini in wine red with white trim. What a sexy thing.

updated on 2006-01-07
(121 pics)

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Betty in Swimsiute classic
On cellar stairs, Betty is ready for new photos. She wears our new creation: the Swimsuite – classic in transparent black. Timelless classic design, first class manufacturing and a strangely-erotic feeling when wearing. Also, there is everything for our Nixxxe customers for this. Not forgetting: the guaranteed attention of the other girls on the beach. They are whispering and envious. One is given sympathy – envy must one earn.

updated on 2006-01-03
(104 pics)

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