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In the Shower
During winter, Zenia often takes a shower with her bikini. She tests it to determine wether the bikini become smaller, or becomes stained from skin cream or body lotion. Afterwards she examines the seams, they shouldn't be broken by normal wearing. However, such test protocols are not too boring, are they?

updated on 2007-01-16
(56 pics)

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Net and Bodyformstring
Bunny enters the scene in a black net-dress. She wears a black Bodyform-string that does not hide very much. The sun tickles her skin and her string pinches. A good, erotic feeling. Bunny likes this part and gets a red face. But why?

updated on 2007-01-13
(133 pics)

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Angie - Candy wheat
A girl in the grain. Angie wears our black Suspender-String and a black top. Clouds coming over the horizon. She hates these prickly grain stalk - they hurt! Angie would like to leave the field. So we are going to find a new place for our poto-session.

updated on 2007-01-10
(54 pics)

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Conny: Fur and heavens
Conny. A white fur jacket (of course from real Finnish Polyamiden), a white Suspender-String. At this old bridge the wind blows hard. Connys hair blows wildly. But it soon becomes too hot in her jacket. She takes it off...

updated on 2007-01-04
(151 pics)

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Zenia calls you!
Zenia loves to change and she likes to play roles. But one thing she cannot change; her effect on men. It's like an erotic, warm feeling if you see her. These eyes, this body; a dream. Even if this is only about our new ultra micro bikini...

updated on 2007-01-01
(58 pics)

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Angels Tattoo
Angel wears our yellow Torpeado-Bikini. She poses very well. This bikini looks perfect and we take many pictures. Angel likes to dance and by the way, she is very good. She moves her body smoothly and highly erotic. Now she strips for the camera.

updated on 2006-12-29
(118 pics)

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