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Lara`s hot net-look
A photo series with our model Lara at the studio. Under the net-body she wears our yellow Ultra-Micro-Bikini. At first, Lara smiles at the small amount of material. But then she is sees herself in the mirror and is amazed how hot she looks like in these items.

updated on 2006-10-27
(87 pics)

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Between the waggons
The last photo session with Anja evening. Between a number of italian tank wagons we photographed her in a black Suspender-string. Not much fabric but well distributed.

updated on 2006-08-08
(132 pics)

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Wet Betty
Finally, a photo series with our hotpants-set-classic in a transparent condition. Betty herself is amazed about the fabric’s transparency when its gets into the water. As good as naked, she says. Well... that’s what I want.

updated on 2006-08-03
(91 pics)

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Yellow Danger
Nikki in a yellow torpeado-bikini. With it, she wears our Hotpants. Super Hot! She’s like a zebra at the North pole if she comes to the flooded quarry.

updated on 2006-07-29
(121 pics)

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Angel and the blossom-magic
Studio set with Angel wears our Hotpantsset-classic with the nice floral pattern. It warms our heart even in the middle of the winter. Pay attention to the tatoo above angel’s ass.

updated on 2006-07-24
(83 pics)

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Ride it, Baby!
Anja in front of a big Harley. She wears our Ultra – Micro – Bikini in wine red. Chrome, sun and pretty girls. That’s how our photo team spends its Wednesday evenings in late summer. It’s already quiet in the Brunswick harbour. Our photos are still the greatest excitement there this evening.

updated on 2006-07-19
(191 pics)

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