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Bottomless Angel
Our model Angel is always good for a surprise. She first shows the perfectly sitting Classic-Hotpants. Then she decided to do a set of bottomless photos. We agreed. Why not?

updated on 2006-12-08
(102 pics)

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Anne in the lake
Watch how incredibly transparent our string-swimsuit becomes if it gets wet. Anne is really surprised. It fits like a second skin. Beautifully narrow. Even if bathing naked, you can't see more. It feels very good.

updated on 2006-12-05
(157 pics)

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The bridge at the lake
Isa at the Wannsee between Potsdam and Berlin. There are numerous footpaths above the lake. On a small brick bridge, we take our photos not far away from the historic Glieniker bridge. So we created our own story. Completely in red - matching the location.

updated on 2006-12-02
(163 pics)

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Heat - at the king stone
Near the village of Westerhausen/Harz, there is one fantastic rock. It is called the king stone - a part of the known devil-wall. Maya is exactly 18 when we take her here for the first erotic photos in a white, transparent Hotpants-Set. It is incredibly hot. No moving air and despite the heat, Maya is incredibly sexy.

updated on 2006-11-26
(99 pics)

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With Hotpants-Bikini in the chair
It became dark outsite, its already late. Sophie is ready to continue, so we take some pictures in a pink Hotpants-Bikini. Sophie shows us, how she would tease with this Outfit. Who could say no to her?

updated on 2006-11-21
(36 pics)

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Only with hat
Nikki in a short, black Suspender-String, with a western-hat and black stockings: A horny outfit for this Nixxxe-fotoseries. Nikki likes the hat. The string was too tight, so she solved the problem by removing it.

updated on 2006-11-17
(137 pics)

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