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Nice pink Girl
Nixxxe Sandy wears a pink Ultra-Mini-Bikini. Her body is best for this. A real eyecatcher - front and back. But only good-looking is not enough for a photo-shoot . This could be a hard job: heat, sand, insects, oil. Not every girl would be cool. But working with Sandy is really easy, she is a natural, beautiful girl without being complicated ... and very good-looking.

updated on 2007-04-16
(90 pics)

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8-Ring gogo Hotpants
Lara at the studio wearing our 8-Ring gogo Hotpants. These are great Hotpants for lap-dancing or cage-dancing. They look hot and are really great for Gogo-Girls.

updated on 2007-04-13
(61 pics)

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Zenia stripping near the old tree
What a hot day, the sun's burning. We are searching some shadow under an old tree near a small wood-lake. Zenia becomes really naughty and starts to strip - she also gets rid of her bikini!

updated on 2007-04-12
(1 pics)

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Lizzy between the rocks
Lizzy poses in a pink Torpaedo-Bikini for this photo-set. We are near a rock-canyon and she never ever had one of these bikinis. She doesn`t even how to wear them. But with this body, you don't have to worry ... it looks really great.

updated on 2007-04-10
(91 pics)

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Near the wood-lake
With nixxxe-girl Angie near Rohrbach. We oiled her up and she wears an pink Ultra-Mini-Bikini. There is a hand rail near the lake and Angie is slowly getting naked. Are you curious?

updated on 2007-04-07
(52 pics)

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Near the windmill
Windmills aren't a very good background - many people think. But is a tornado or a melting northpole a good motive? We want to take the chance for some windmill-advertisment with Jada. There are some really nice-views ... with a nixxxe-girl for example.

updated on 2007-04-04
(74 pics)

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