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Suzi in hotpants
Suzi-Anne with some yellow Sailor-Hotpants at a shooting in our studio.

updated on 2007-07-30
(54 pics)

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Micromini in the field
A raps seed field. Add to this a super pretty model like Zenia....and our Ultra-Micro-mini – Bikini in pink. What questions remain. Perhaps....what does she wear under this? We show it.

updated on 2007-07-30
(1 pics)

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Wrooom, wrooom ...
Sindy on a MZ RT 125, the first GDR motorcycle from Zschopau. She wears a red Suspender-String ... and later on: nothing. It's the heat of this afternoon ;-)

updated on 2007-07-27
(148 pics)

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Sexy braces
Suzi-Anne in a small, red Net-Suspender-Thong with black edges. Tight, uncomfortably and very sexy.

updated on 2007-07-24
(59 pics)

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Sandy with her yellow Torpeado
Sandy behind the railway station in Gaschwitz near Leipzig. The postoffice and the Warehouses have fallen into disrepair for 15 years. Sandy wears a yellow Torpeado-Bikini with black edges. Hot!

updated on 2007-07-21
(104 pics)

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Minibikini in pink mesh
Blue skies, sunshine, an easy wind and this hot bikini-girl. Model Anne wears a mini bikini in pink mesh with white edges.

updated on 2007-07-18
(96 pics)

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