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Two sisters playing in the field
The first photoseries of the day. Susi-Ann and Maye are within a raps-field. It's the end of april and a real hot day. Both girls are wearing our bodysling 'Lia' - and this is even hotter than the sun!

updated on 2007-11-22
(99 pics)

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Video: Lizzy and our Mico IV
Video of the photoshooting with Lizzy next to the crane. The pictures are already online.

updated on 2007-11-22
(1 pics)

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Lizzy and our Mico IV
Fotoshooting in Dresden. Lizzy wears a white Micro IV - white but not innocent. She climbs up an old quarry crane ... we never saw something like this before.

updated on 2007-11-18
(101 pics)

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Susi-Ann wearing our red suspenderstring
Here are some photos from Susi-Ann's last studio-shooting in a small suspenderstring in red. Small, very small. This is almost too hot for the studio, what would happen, if we'll take it to the beach?

updated on 2007-11-14
(50 pics)

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Dora with our yellow Micro IV
Fotoshooting in Dresden. At first, Dora only wanted to be a visiter at a fotoshoot of her friend Sindy. But now, she even wants to try herself and picks up one of our hottest bikinis. It's a yellow Micro IV, without any material. Good start!

updated on 2007-11-10
(85 pics)

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Ready to go!
These are some 'behind-the-scene' photos of Susi-Ann and her sister Maya. They try to get ready for our next fotoshoot - very sexy!

updated on 2007-11-06
(86 pics)

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