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Dora with our yellow Micro IV
Fotoshooting in Dresden. At first, Dora only wanted to be a visiter at a fotoshoot of her friend Sindy. But now, she even wants to try herself and picks up one of our hottest bikinis. It's a yellow Micro IV, without any material. Good start!

updated on 2007-11-10
(85 pics)

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Ready to go!
These are some 'behind-the-scene' photos of Susi-Ann and her sister Maya. They try to get ready for our next fotoshoot - very sexy!

updated on 2007-11-06
(86 pics)

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Susi-Ann wearing our Swimsuit classic
Susi wears a white swimsuit classic with black borders - very transparent. So you can see her great body - and Susi loves to get naked in front of the camera. Have fun!

updated on 2007-11-02
(49 pics)

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Lizzy next to an excavator
Fotoshooting in Dresden. We are within a quarry and it starts to get real hot! So we decide to get into some shadow under an old quarry-crane and Lizzy shows her breathtaking body and of course she will get full naked in front of our camera.

updated on 2007-10-29
(85 pics)

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Its a Noupy, Baby !
Claudia wears a noupy-string ... nothing is covered. She feels great and wants to show everything. This is a great photoseries with a great looking girl.

updated on 2007-10-25
(56 pics)

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Sindy on a mtx-bike
Hot bike - hot girl - hot bikini. Sindy loves motocross ... you can almost feel her wanting to go on a ride with that bike. But first, we will take some pictures ... so she smiles and starts to take her clothes of.

updated on 2007-10-21
(106 pics)

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